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What You Probably Didn’t Know About Scleral Lenses


May 27, 2023
scleral lenses

The sclera and vaults over the cornea support the weight of scleral contact lenses. These lenses effectively correct vision issues caused by corneal irregularities, refractive errors, and numerous other conditions.

However, while scleral lenses are the norm in advanced contact lens practises, primary care optometrists are typically unfamiliar with them.

We’ve compiled this list of little-known scleral lens facts to help you comprehend these lenses, why they function, and how they’re typically used.

Despite their size, scleral lenses are pleasant to wear.

First-time scleral lens wearers frequently fear that the lenses will not be comfortable, primarily due to their size and rigidity. Although scleral lenses are significantly larger than conventional soft lenses, they are as comfortable, if not more so.

The design of scleral lenses is founded on the unique eye shape they are intended for. They are intended to softly impact the sclera without compressing or stressing the underlying tissue.

Scleral lenses are effective even when other lenses fail.

When a patient is unable to locate a contact lens that works well or resolves their vision problem, scleral lenses are useful.

Each patient’s scleral contact lens is made to order. In order to maintain a constant reservoir of fluid between the lens and cornea, the lenses must be fitted to vault over the cornea. This design ensures that the eye remains hydrated for the duration of lens wear. In addition, the fluid layer helps compensate for any irregularities in the cornea’s shape, thereby enhancing vision.

Scleral lenses are not too costly.

One of the most prevalent scleral lens myths is that they are much more expensive than conventional soft lenses. Because the lenses must be fitted and customised to fit each eye, prescribing scleral lenses involves more work, which many patients presume results in a higher price. Patients are frequently astonished to learn that scleral lenses are not prohibitively costly.

These lenses are often covered by insurance. Even if they aren’t, they offer enough of an enhancement in comfort and vision over regular lenses that patients are willing to make the investment. In addition, if the lenses are cleaned and maintained properly, their longevity can exceed that of any other form of lens.

Scleral lenses can promote ocular surface regeneration.

Vision correction is only one of the functions of scleral lenses. In addition, they expose the eye to an oxygen-permeable fluid-filled chamber. This arrangement provides the eye with the moisture and oxygen needed to remain healthy while shielding it from external dangers or irritants. Consequently, scleral lenses are excellent for promoting the healing of the ocular surface, such as after a corneal transplant or during the recovery period following a chemical or burn injury.

Many patients seeking clear, comfortable vision find scleral contact lenses to be a popular and gratifying option due to their many advantages. Do not disregard the benefits of scleral lenses; they represent the most advanced level of technology currently available to patients.

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