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Jaw surgery consultation, price and reimbursement


Jan 9, 2023
consult a jaw surgeon

Does your attending physician advise you to go to a specialist for jaw surgery  ? Would you like to know more about all the procedures, in particular the price and reimbursement  ? We invite you to follow us through this dedicated guide!

When should you consult for jaw surgery?

Maxillofacial surgery is very often accompanied by orthodontic treatment . It is offered by the attending physician to anyone suffering from:

A dental imbalance , when orthodontic treatment is insufficient.

A correction of the lower jaw, often too far back (leaky chin) or too far forward (protruding chin).

A correction of the upper and lower jaws , when they do not fit together and/or leave a gaping space between the teeth, the impossibility of closing the mouth, etc.

Jaw surgery is very often prescribed by the attending physician, but it can also be cosmetic surgery . It all depends on the severity established by your doctor. As a result, the duration of the intervention, its price and its reimbursement vary from one person to another.

If you have serious or moderate problems with your jaw , you can consult in this case for orthognathic surgery . Count 2 weeks to 1 month of recovery.

How to consult a jaw surgeon ?

If you want an initial consultation for jaw surgery, you must follow the coordinated care pathway through your general practitioner, for better coverage by Social Security.

What is the cost of a consultation for maxillofacial surgery?

The prices of a consultation for jaw surgery are influenced by the practitioner’s agreement sector. Indeed, it can be:

Sector 1  : the price of an initial consultation with a professional specializing in jaw surgery is capped at €70. You get a refund of €50. As part of a follow-up, the session is capped at €23 and health insurance covers it 100%.

Sector 2 under agreement : if you use this practitioner, he adheres to the controlled pricing practice option (OPTAM) . Among other things, he is authorized to practice fee overruns . He has the obligation to inform you before any consultation or treatment of his belonging to this sector.

Sector 2 not under agreement  : in addition to fee overruns, this practitioner can freely set his rates. They are very often on the rise, justified by the reputation of the professional in the field, his experience or studies, etc.

Sector 3  : in this case, the practitioner has not adhered to the health insurance agreement, he practices free rates , often well above the agreed prices. The same goes for his fees .

Support and reimbursement for your surgery

Reimbursement for your maxillofacial surgery is influenced by the practitioner ‘s agreement sector, as well as whether or not you follow the care pathway.

Operation price

In addition to your first consultation, be aware that the price for a jaw surgery operation with a sector 1 or sector 2 surgeon under agreement is €359.59 to €615.23. Prices vary depending on the type of operation you are performing (upper jaw only, both, etc.).

Sector 2 not under agreement or sector 3, everything depends on the rates and fees of the professional.

Regarding your reimbursement by Social Security

To benefit from a refund, you must therefore follow the coordinated care pathway. If your practitioner is from sector 1 or sector 2 under agreement, Social Security provides 100% coverage , from the consultation, to the operation and medication (with some exceptions). As for your hospitalization of a few days, it is covered at 80% by the Health Insurance .

If you perform an associated genioplasty operation , it can be considered as cosmetic surgery . Check that you can justify that this act is necessary, before embarking on the operation, so as not to have any unpleasant surprises.

Regarding reimbursement with complementary health insurance

In order not to exceed your budget for jaw surgery with a non-conventioned sector 2 or sector 3 practitioner, we encourage you to take out complementary health insurance . Indeed, it can take care of excess fees, 20% hospitalization costs, etc.

You can also check if your insurance allows you to benefit from advantages within your room  : single room, television, telephone, etc. We encourage you to make price comparisons in order to make your decision more easily.

Be aware that orthodontic costs , very often in addition to your jaw surgery, remain very expensive as an adult. Having complementary health insurance that covers these health expenses can be useful in lightening your budget .

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