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Interview with a Fertility Specialist: Dispelling Myths about Infertility


Feb 24, 2024
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Imagine sitting face-to-face with an expert from Bedford CARE Fertility, a person who spends day after day helping dreams of parenthood come true. Picture the wisdom etched on their face, the kindness in their eyes, and the mountain of knowledge they have to share. They’ve agreed to bust the cloud of myths and misconceptions that often shrouds infertility. It’s a rare opportunity to tap into their expertise and get better acquainted with the truth about infertility. Prepare to debunk the myths and set the facts straight with this enlightening interview.

Myth One: Infertility Is Always a Woman’s Problem

No, it’s not. Infertility is a battle fought on both sides of the gender divide. It’s a fact that about 40% of infertility issues are traced back to men. Just as many cases are due to female factors. The remaining 20%? Either a combination of male and female factors or unknown reasons. It takes two to tango, just as it takes two to create a life.

Myth Two: Relax, and It Will Happen

Anyone who’s struggled with infertility has heard this one. But, stress doesn’t cause infertility. Yes, chronic stress can impact overall health and well-being. Yet, it doesn’t directly cause infertility. Many have become parents in even the most stressful circumstances.

Myth Three: Age Doesn’t Matter

Oh, but it does. Age is a significant factor. Women are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have. As age increases, so does the risk of egg quality and quantity decline. While advancements in fertility treatments have helped many older women become mothers, age is still a crucial factor.

Busting Myths, Building Hope

Knowledge is power. The more we understand about infertility, the better we can fight it. It’s high time we dismiss these myths and face the facts. Infertility is complex and challenging. But with the right information and the right help — hope is within reach.

Embrace the Journey

Embrace the journey, no matter how tough it gets. Every step, every heartbreak, every small victory is a part of your story. And remember, you’re not alone in this journey. There is help. There is hope.


With reliable information and the right support, the journey towards parenthood becomes less daunting. Debunk the myths, face the facts, and put your trust in the professional hands at places like fertility clinics. Your dream of being a parent is worth fighting for.

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