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Gym at home standing yoga, 5 postures that change everything.?


Jan 10, 2023
postures that change everything

Neither flexible nor adept at floor gym nastics and even less acrobatics? Standing yoga is for you! And there is no better way to untie tensions and joints, energize body and mind. In yoga, the standing position is called the mountain pose. And all the movements which result from it have for objective to make as solid as a rock and as flexible as a reed . Both physically and emotionally. Because vertically, we work on anchoring, endurance, stability. And the more stable and structured you are, the more mobile you are in your body and more agile in your mind.5 postures to follow for 9 minutes to energize everything.Practice the feet off the mat, the body in a firm and stable position, the top of the head projected upwards, like the top of a mountain towards the sky.At the end of each inhale and exhale, hold the breath briefly.

1/ The reed: 2min

Vertical reed: the body well aligned, join the palms of the hands in front of the chest. Inhale as you rise on your tiptoes and extend your arms (palms still together) above your head. Take a breather pause and then come back down to the initial position while exhaling. Repeat for 1min.This exercise restores body alignment, strengthens ankles and knees, muscles the glutes.Lateral reed: hands palms together above the head, stretch while inhaling. Then, exhale while tilting the bust to the right:New Health and Fitness meeting.Inhale as you return to center. Exhale while tilting the bust to the left. Repeat for 1min.This posture stabilizes the pelvis, straightens the dorsal region, refines and softens the waist

2/ Standing lunge: 2min

Move the left leg forward in a lunge so that you can put both feet flat, body weight between the legs, arms along the body.

Then, inhale raising the right heel and bringing the weight of the body to the outstretched left leg (visual).

Exhale as you rest the right heel and bend the left leg. Repeat, 1min on each side.This posture stretches the calves, stabilizes the body in space, strengthens the ankles, knees, pelvis.

3/ The vertical twist: 2min

Place your arms outstretched in front, palms together, gaze straight (visual) and inhale.

Then, exhale by opening the right arm, looking at the right hand, just by swiveling the waist, not the pelvis. Inhale as you return to center. Exhale by opening the left arm this time, looking towards the left hand. Repeat for 2min.

This movement relaxes the neck, increases respiratory capacity, stimulates the thyroid and the cerebral hemispheres (look left and right).

4/ The stretch towards the sky: 1min

Start as the vertical reed: body straight, palms together in front of the chest. Heels on the ground, inhale while stretching the arms (palms together) above the head. Then, exhale by opening the arms laterally, palms facing the sky and rising on tiptoes. Inhale as you raise your arms above your head, then exhale as you return to the starting position. Repeat 1min.

This yoga movement improves blood circulation, energy and breathing; It muscles the lower body, softens the shoulders, stabilizes the joints.

5/ Crossed ankles: 2 min

Body well aligned, arms crossed on the chest, hands under the armpits, cross the left ankle in front of the right (visual).

Raise the left ankle, knee open, toes flush with the supporting ankle. Hold as long as possible by breathing deeply and staring at a point in front of you. If you have trouble keeping your balance, put the tip of your left foot on the ground. 1min on each side

The bonus

The posture evacuates fear, stress, anger; it increases concentration, alertness, determination; it reinforces the physical and psychic balance.

Thanks to Catherine Millepied-Flori , yoga teacher for 35 years, author of No need to be flexible to do yoga , ed. The Duke. Illustrations from the book by Onanell Muzellec

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