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Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Confinement Nanny


Feb 20, 2023
Hiring a Confinement Nanny

You may currently be on the lookout for a confinement nanny right about now. But before that, do you know what you should avoid? Read on to learn about some factors you need to consider before hiring a nanny of your own.

1. Communication and Language

Local confinement nannies are getting harder to find. Most of the confinement nannies on the market are from Malaysia, which is next door. Since the Ministry of Manpower exclusively distributes work permits to Malaysian confinement nannies, confinement nannies from other countries are not permitted to work in Singapore. Communication and language barriers may arise since some Malaysian confinement nannies only speak Chinese or a Chinese dialect.

Being able to communicate with you is one of the most crucial requirements for a confinement nanny. This is because the confinement nanny’s work also includes providing you with guidance on what to do, what not to do, and what to eat based on her knowledge and experience. Her experience and knowledge are useless if she can’t connect with you.

Therefore, even if the confinement nanny has been suggested to you by close friends or family, it is crucial that you speak with her on the phone to learn about her communication skills.

2. Early or Late Delivery

It is hard to predict the precise day on which your baby wants to enter the world unless you choose a C-section, in which case you may make arrangements with the hospital and doctor for the birth delivery. The delivery of the kid within two weeks of the due date or within two weeks after the postponement of the due date is relatively standard.

You should be aware of the confinement nanny’s commitment before your due date to ensure that she will still be available to assist you if you deliver the baby sooner than expected. It’s crucial that you and the confinement nanny come to an agreement on the plan in the event that the delivery date is postponed.

3. Expertise

It takes a lot of expertise and experience to care for a new mother and infant properly. For instance, the confinement nanny must understand how to keep the infant from having colic, burping, or spitting up.

Before you agree to the terms of the contract, we advise you to speak with the confinement nanny.

You can enquire about the following:

  • What meals would you cook for me while I’m in confinement?
  • How should the umbilical cord be handled?
  • Can you provide me with nursing advice?
  • Do you have any children?

4. Job scope

Some moms prefer having their newborns cared for at night by confinement nannies. Some women prefer to sleep with their infants on their sides. As a result, employers will need different things for their confinement nannies.

You should specify your work scope before looking for a confinement nanny, and then talk with the nanny to ensure she can do all the responsibilities.

5. Early dismissal agreement

The recommended confinement nanny by a trusted friend may be capable of caring for your child, but if you cannot eat the meals she has made or cannot put up with her daily routine, you might want to stop her employment early. This is simple to accomplish if a prior agreement on early dismissal has been established.

This agreement is crucial in case the confinement nanny becomes unfit for duty due to illness like a cold while you are being imprisoned. To stop the infection from spreading to you and your child, you would want to dismiss her early.

Therefore, you must talk about this before employing her services.

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